Why Say Thanks to your Customers?

Thank-you with a smile is one of the most powerful words in the English language and in customer relationships. It is an expression of politeness between two people which creates a connection. Subconsciously it says ‘I respect and value you’. It sets the standard to begin a mutually polite conversation and keeps you in integrity. Said with 100% sincerity, it can overcome many obstacles. It’s like a bridge over a chasm of misunderstandings or a welcoming handshake inviting the person to a closer circle of friendship.


When it comes to customer relationships, thank-you is the glue that binds a customer to a business. People feel their dollars are being appreciated when they receive unexpected recognition with a thank-you. A genuine thank-you adds joy to their shopping experience; subconsciously they’ll want to return.

When there are difficulties…a thank-you for bringing the matter to your attention will ease the tension. A genuine thank-you requires eye contact to convey satisfaction. With your tone of voice expressing concern and sincerity, a thank-you for the customer’s feedback is like a release valve. It will often dampen heated emotions and allow for cooler discussions because people want to be heard. Solutions then may be reached and a customer ‘s loyalty may be kept. Damage can be minimized so negative word-of-mouth chatter melts away.

If your business has a simple way to give upset customers a trackable offer, this is another chance for you to help put the situation right. Why have the ability to track it? It lets you know for sure whether or not your customer returns to your business. If you have a survey including comments that can be attached to the record of their purchase, then you can be absolutely sure of the customer’s experience. When a customer is 100% satisfied you are listening and their concerns have been dealt with fairly, their loyalty magnifies.

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What has been your experience with saying ‘thanks’ to your customers?  “Thank-you” by leaving me a comment below.

Here’s to your success and thank you!


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