Time flies…can you keep up?

Do you ever get the feeling time flies by faster and faster? Well I do…here it is June and I said the launch of PFS’ new program was to happen in March. So what was I doing while time was flying?


In March, Community Futures East Parkland and other areas hosted a competition called the Chinook Entrepreneur Challenge. When I looked at what they were offering and the review I could get for my business plan, I thought it was too good to pass on so I became a participant. Wow! If you live in any of the Community Futures regions in Alberta and can partake in this training, I HIGHLY recommend it. It will put your feet on solid ground if you follow through and draw out a plan to guide your business. Thanks to this challenge, our business plan is well thought out and flexible to roll with unforeseen hiccoughs. The training has put our business on a solid footing that we’ll be referring to over the next three to five years. Can it change…well I hope so! As we grow I anticipate many changes we’ll have to happily adapt to. I know when they come along, we’ll be ready. How is your business plan developing? When was the last time you had a look at it? Or…revised it to meet your business growth?


We are ready. The program is now live! Want to have a peek? Sign up for the free, 14 day, no obligation demo so you can see how your customers can enroll in your very own program using Plenty FULL Services.


Until next time… Have a GREAT day!



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