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10 Top Tips to Keep Your Customers Coming Back

Part One

Study after study says it easier and cheaper to keep customers coming back! Here are my 10 top tips to do that.

successful business team group with thumbs up
1. Be friendly by smiling…call customers by their name whenever possible.

a) Customers respond favourably when treated as an individual.
b) Give compliments. A sincere compliment has huge bonuses; your business is elevated. (People see it as a place with great service.)
c) Above all THANK customers as often as possible; remember to use eye contact. Sincerely thank customers for visiting even when they don’t buy. Sincerity builds trust and gives them a good feeling.

2. Ramp up your good service to great service by giving more than expected.

a) Even though it may be difficult at times to hire the ‘right’ people, train your staff to be friendly and knowledgable.
b) Sincerely compliment your staff; remember they are your customers too and thrive on appreciation.
c) Make friendly service part of your business culture. Create a team environment where staff feel safe to offer comments/ideas for improving service. “Fear of the boss” and lack of appreciation are the greatest hindrances for staff to provide extra-special service.

3. Be part of your community and promote it. Let customers know about local happenings. Be prepared to give donations but remember they can be double-purposed. For example:

a) Donate an item for a silent auction with the promise to fund the bidder’s chosen charity by matching the dollar amount bid, up to a ceiling of ‘x’ amount.
b) Or give a ’12 month Growing Savings Certificate’…the winner of your certificate receives ‘x’ amount off any item of ‘y’ value or greater in your store in January. In February they can receive ‘x+x’ amount off any item of ‘y’ value or greater. By March they can receive ‘x+x+x’ amount off and so on. By December they will have 12 ‘x’ amount savings while purchasing items from your store each month. It becomes a win-win. (Remember the ‘y’ value always has to be greater than the cumulative ‘x’ value.)

4. Keep your facility welcoming, tidy and in good repair…

a) It is a must to have clean public washrooms.
b) Also, keep your supplies out of sight from public areas. Store them in the back of the store.
c) For the comfort of your customers, room temperature needs to be appropriate for your business.
d) Have appropriate lighting (subdued lighting for romantic dining; brighter lighting for a hardware store).
e) Maintenance must be up-to-date (replace burnt out light bulbs, repair worn out floor tiles/seating).
f) Display hours of operation in a prominent place such as under your ‘open’ sign.
g) Keep your frontage clear of snow and obstacles.
h) Your cash register area needs to be neat and clear of any unnecessary paper materials (it’s not your office). A bouquet of fresh flowers or a full candy dish is a nice touch. Once flowers start to wilt, replace them.

5. Seek and use customer feedback to improve your service. Your customers are experts on what they like and expect from your business but make it easy for them to give their feedback. Automated calls are impersonal and can be disruptive which may have a negative effect. The best method to get a response from your customers needs to provide a value or reward; but whatever method you choose, respond to the individual in a timely fashion with a thank you. Remember customers like to be treated like people not numbers.

What action will you make today to keep customers coming back?
May customers flood through your doors,


The Bottom-Line

What does it mean when you say “the bottom-line”? What kind of thoughts are running though your mind right now? We have all heard this phrase in some form or other over the years and I think you will agree it is attached to the meaning of how well your business is doing. It also can be great service or products or an atmosphere that makes your customers feel good. Maybe you can add to this list?

What if it is something more? What if your “bottom-line” is about showing your customers you appreciate their business by doing small things for them? And they, in turn, improve your “bottom-line” by returning more often; freely giving referrals to their family and friends to do the same thing. May I ask what do you do in your business which helps your customers return?

It could be something simple like having fresh cut flowers on the table or near your cash register.

What about being connected to some of the social outlets that are popular with the younger generation?

Perhaps a brochure or pamphlet highlighting your community would be handy for visitors to your town or city.

It could be a roving musician playing at tables while people are eating… Continue reading

One Step Forward; Three Steps Back

When was the last time you felt for every step your business took forward there seemed to be a slew of steps going backwards? Well, that has been happening with our new website. But there is OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAlight at the end of the tunnel. I just received an email from Rhonda Byrne who is associated with ‘The Secret’. Her tip of the day was ‘change your thoughts from complaining to good thinking’.

I’ve decided to make lemonade! The setbacks we’ve had in completing our website is a wonderful chance to make improvements. The delays are simply pauses to rethink, reorganize and re-evaluate how we can deliver Continue reading

Welcome to PFS Blog!

Welcome to Plenty FULL Services site. We are a mobile friendly Customer Appreciation Program.

We want to make this an interactive site and therefore have started this blog site.

Please feel free to engage in any of the conversations by leaving a comment behind. I’ll do my best in responding to each one. Once you’re a client please log into the members only page… Our programs are up and running waiting to serve you.