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Why Say Thanks to your Customers?

Thank-you with a smile is one of the most powerful words in the English language and in customer relationships. It is an expression of politeness between two people which creates a connection. Subconsciously it says ‘I respect and value you’. It sets the standard to begin a mutually polite conversation and keeps you in integrity. Said with 100% sincerity, it can overcome many obstacles. It’s like a bridge over a chasm of misunderstandings or a welcoming handshake inviting the person to a closer circle of friendship.

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Keeping Customers Coming Back Part Two

Keeping Customers Coming Back

Part Two

Introducing customer retention ideas to the 21st century is here. You can keep bringing customers through your door by…Working_computer_Program_IMG_0803

  1. Hire a company to build an app to keep in contact with your customers by sending offers directly to them. The up side is… you own your customer list and can target your messages to your customers. The down side is… it is costly, time consuming and requires constant updating.
  2. Use the services of a customer contact company to send out messages and then set up an in-house system to track the customers who come back to spend with you. The up side is… contacting your customers is automatic and your customer list grows. The down side is… It is time consuming to set up an in-house system to monitor customer activity. As your customer lists builds up, your service fees go up. Also if you choose to leave the service, you are responsible for exporting the list. If exporting is not your thing, another choice is to have a duplicate list at your business which you keep up-to-date on a weekly basis. It does take time so consider this option carefully.
  3. Use the services of a Customer Appreciation Program which make it easy for your customers to take part in your offers. Make sure which program options you want. Some services have a sliding fee… program costs are based on the number of transactions or growing numbers of customers. Ask about reporting capabilities, whether an automated survey is available or mobile friendly options. You may want to know the length of the contract too. The ease of monitoring your results vs the cost of the program in time and money will determine the best value. If you like, add Plenty FULL Services (www.plentyfullservices.com) to your list of vendors.

If you keep doing what you’re presently doing, you will get the same results. Remember, consumers want to be rewarded for spending their money. Savvy marketing not only is critical to keep customers coming through your doors, but critical in saving you time, effort and money. Contacting individual consumers automatically is the wave of the future.

If you had a simple way to bring in more customers regularly, what would you change in your business?

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