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Circle, Squiggle, Triangle and Square Customers Part II

In my blog, ‘Loyalty is a Circle, Squiggle, Triangle or Square’, I briefly explained the personality types from a shopper’s perspective. Personality types also can be used for more effective communication and relationship building in other areas of a business’ life.


Visit www.ConniePodesta.com for an explanation of personality shapes assessment.

For marketing purposes, the four personality types can be reduced to two groups: the ‘Circles and Squiggles’ or the ‘Triangles and Squares’. Continue reading

Keep Your Promise to Your Customers

One thing I like about speaking with an Apple representative is they always take down my phone number so they can reach me in case we get disconnected. What have I learned from that? I always want to know how I can reconnect with a customer to keep in touch just in case.

Group of workers people.

Staying in touch is critical in today’s business world. Both you and your customers are busy people. You get disconnected. What if you had promised to do something for them and didn’t record their phone number or name when they called? What if another call came in before you got a chance to return their call or another customer came to your counter? Drat! You forgot. Unless the person is a regular customer or you have a photographic mind, it is challenging to remember the intended action and connect it with the correct customer. There goes your promise. Unfortunately the reminder may come in later as an irate customer. If another staff person starts to serve them it causes another delay. Little delays seem to snowball and test everyone’s patience.

Every business has to find a way to eliminate or minimize delays in order to keep their promises. Continue reading

Customer Put on Hold

(then You Drop the Ball)

 Dropping a Tennis Ball on Black
Have you ever put a customer on hold on the phone saying it will take you 5 minutes to get an answer and then forgot them or it took 20 minutes? Somedays it seemed like the phone was permanently glued to my ear! I had the best intentions but there were so many things which happened in each day. It was tough to remember the customer who was on the phone earlier. Unless I wrote down a notethere was no physical reminder to trigger the thought to call them back. Sometimes even a note didn’t help.

Customers are not concerned with how busy your day is because they have pressing matters themselves. They just want to know if you can provide the service or item, when and for how much. So how do you make good when you’ve forgotten them, when you’ve dropped the ball?


I found you usually can get the situation cleared up by…

  • phoning and starting with an apology for the delay.
  • thanking them for their patience. This tells them they are important to you.
  • giving them an offer to show how much you value them.

What if most days you could guarantee your customers being patient with you, especially when you drop the ball?

Imagine your business if all your customers truly felt loyal to you?

How do you think they would feel if you had an occasional ‘oops’, when you dropped the ball? My experience tells me most days they would overlook it. They would stay with your business because you gave them ‘special treatment’. Loyal customers stay with you through thick and thin.


So how do you get loyal customers? First of all, you must have top-notch products and services. Then…

  • Develop a niche market. Your business must be unique is some small way so it remains memorable in your customers’ minds.
  • Listen to your customers. The’ll tell you what they like best and then give them more, or what they like least and then resolve it.
  • Be fully present with your customers. Really listen to them so they feel valued.
  • Reward them occasionally. Make it fun.
  • Do little things like keeping them informed of local events or places of interest such as museums.

Don’t have the time to do ‘all that stuff’? Then use a loyalty program.

A loyalty program lets you stay in touch with your customers consistently. Some will let you add a note to a customer’s account file so you can follow-up easily. Some have the ability to set up an immediate reward with a specific customer. This feature alone would pay big dividends in keeping your customers happy. Keeping customers thrilled is a great way to get more customers.

What one thing would you want a loyalty program to do to keep your customers happy even when you drop the ball?  Leave me a comment below.

Plenty FULL Services is an affordable loyalty program which makes it simple to keep your customers content. Visit www.plentyfullservices.com to get happy customers bringing customers to you.

Here’s to your Content Customers!


Prevention is Better Than Apologizing

Have you ever promised a customer that you can deliver a product and then discovered it is no longer available? Getting back right away, apologizing and suggesting alternative sources is good customer relations which pays back in the long run; but, what if this is a recurring problem? Finding the root cause of the problem is crucial. Some causes may include overextending yourself or your staff. Perhaps it is difficult to delegate projects out to your team. It may simply be miscalculating the amount of time projects require or maybe communicating with your customers takes more hours than you have in a day.

If the problem occurs repeatedly, your business creditability comes into question. Having the reputation of being slow or producing unreliable results turns customers away. Continue reading

Hitting the Bullseye: Target Marketing

Putting an advertisement in the paper or the radio is a common practice. According to Trustmode Marketing of Vancouver, this form of advertising is ‘taking fire at whatever there is’. Another name for it is ‘Shotgun Marketing’. Because the market is so generalized it lacks focus and power.


 Why is it important to have focus and power? Continue reading

One Step Forward; Three Steps Back

When was the last time you felt for every step your business took forward there seemed to be a slew of steps going backwards? Well, that has been happening with our new website. But there is OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAlight at the end of the tunnel. I just received an email from Rhonda Byrne who is associated with ‘The Secret’. Her tip of the day was ‘change your thoughts from complaining to good thinking’.

I’ve decided to make lemonade! The setbacks we’ve had in completing our website is a wonderful chance to make improvements. The delays are simply pauses to rethink, reorganize and re-evaluate how we can deliver Continue reading