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Creating Staff Loyalty

Recognition for staff efforts is important for building a loyal team atmosphere. It can be given many ways, but sometimes you need to use tangible rewards to build staff loyalty. It is the old saying, different strokes for different folks and I have seen a lot in my 30 years. Rewards are a great way to motivate your staff anytime, but especially when you are introducing a customer loyalty program.


Loyalty programs are for customers and have to satisfy their ‘what’s in it for me’ expectation. Sometimes staff don’t see the big picture…how a customer loyalty program will benefit themselves. Staff incentives can make the difference because there is something in it for them while they are promoting your new program.


It can happen several ways:

  • Some staff members enjoy a contest, but in the end only one staff member gets the ‘big’ reward.
  • Rewards for reaching milestones within a time-frame produces greater motivation among a larger number of your staff. Each one has an equal chance to get a reward.
  • Have different levels of rewards…
  • give a gift card prize for ‘x’ number of sign-ups
  • first staff member to get 100 customer sign-ups gets double the gift card prize
  • greatest number of sign-ups over a base number within the week gets a cash bonus of ‘x’ amount. Several of your staff may qualify, especially the competitive ones.Have fun with staff rewards.

Rewards directly linked to the number of customer sign-ups ensures your new loyalty program is promoted to as many customers as possible. The more sign-ups, the more perks staff can qualify for whether it’s a cash bonus, gift cards or a day off with pay.

How do you inspire your staff loyalty?

If a customer loyalty program is something you want to explore, send an email to peter@plentyfullservices to see how we can make it as simple as 1-2-3 for your business to bring in more customers over and over again and have a 1-2-3 way to reward your staff for their loyalty too.

Here’s to YOUR Success,


2013 Chinook Entrepreneur Challenge Winner


News Release – June 2013


Community Futures East Parkland is proud to announce Plenty FULL Services (PFS), a Bashaw based company, was a finalist and the 2013 Runner-up for the Chinook Entrepreneur Challenge (CEC).

The CEC is a partnership between other southern/central Community Futures Offices, in its ninth year, for anyone starting a new business or operating an existing business. The business plan competition is a great opportunity for businesses to obtain free on- line access to training on business plan development, the chance to win prizes, including a top prize of $10,000, and the opportunity to develop ideas into thriving businesses.

Plenty FULL Services is an up-and-coming online Customer Communication Rewards Program for small individual businesses and community business associations. PFS supports rural and urban business communities by helping them engage their customers so they return more often, give a steady stream of referrals and freely promote their favorite individual businesses.

From personal management experience the owners, Peter and Laura Graham, know first hand the visibility and demographic challenges many small businesses face. Their Plenty FULL Services program is the solution for any type of business that wants to be instantly aware of their customer satisfaction, reduce their slow times, build a larger customer base, see and interpret the results of their performance in real time, and build a solid financial foundation to weather any economy.

PFS provides valuable information for businesses to tap into so they can successfully compete with brand names. PFS is about ‘Keeping Your Till FULL’.

For further information:

Plenty FULL Services


P: 780-678-9000


Community Futures East Parkland


P: 403-788-2212