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Circle, Squiggle, Triangle and Square Customers Part II

In my blog, ‘Loyalty is a Circle, Squiggle, Triangle or Square’, I briefly explained the personality types from a shopper’s perspective. Personality types also can be used for more effective communication and relationship building in other areas of a business’ life.


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For marketing purposes, the four personality types can be reduced to two groups: the ‘Circles and Squiggles’ or the ‘Triangles and Squares’. Continue reading

Loyalty is a Circle, Squiggle, Triangle or Square

The Way to Build Customer Relationships Part One.

Customers are tired of Loyalty Points programs that make it too difficult to use, too confusing to understand or take too long to earn a reward. Also, they want rewards that have enough value to make it worthwhile to participate.
But rewards alone will not keep a customer loyal. Loyalty programs are about relationships…the communication connection between the customer and the staff or management personnel. Continue reading

Keep Your Promise to Your Customers

One thing I like about speaking with an Apple representative is they always take down my phone number so they can reach me in case we get disconnected. What have I learned from that? I always want to know how I can reconnect with a customer to keep in touch just in case.

Group of workers people.

Staying in touch is critical in today’s business world. Both you and your customers are busy people. You get disconnected. What if you had promised to do something for them and didn’t record their phone number or name when they called? What if another call came in before you got a chance to return their call or another customer came to your counter? Drat! You forgot. Unless the person is a regular customer or you have a photographic mind, it is challenging to remember the intended action and connect it with the correct customer. There goes your promise. Unfortunately the reminder may come in later as an irate customer. If another staff person starts to serve them it causes another delay. Little delays seem to snowball and test everyone’s patience.

Every business has to find a way to eliminate or minimize delays in order to keep their promises. Continue reading

Your Staff is Your Voice with Your Customers

It’s my experience savvy staff know politeness, helpfulness and a smile translate into cash tips in the hospitality industry. Your staff is your frontline face for your business no matter what industry. Smiling faces and voices welcome customers, put them at ease and give them the feeling they are respected. Yes, it is important to have well trained staff, but I find it is equally important for staff to feel they have the support of your business behind them.

Teams Have more fun-2

Anything you can do to make your staff feel part of the team is good for business. It is the little things that count. A word of gratitude for a job well done, a signed card with a bonus cheque at Christmas time, public recognition for their work…there’s lots of ways to build a team. When your business has teamwork you can guide your staff to talk with customers in the way you want. Their voices reflect your message with customers.

Of course there will always be staff that are there only for the paycheque, but others have deep personal values and always strive to do a great job. Those loyal staff members not only deserve to be rewarded but must be rewarded with satisfaction in both tangible and intangible ways. Staff can be your biggest asset or your biggest liability. If you have a system to reward your staff with things they value, some of your paycheque-only staff may change their attitude. Finding ways to make your staff into your greatest asset pays huge dividends. Remember, your staff is your voice with your customers.

It is the day-to-day actions that build or destroy a staff-management relationship.

  • Always speak with your staff like you would like to be treated.
  • Be flexible, but also clear about your expectations that come with the job. Give them a vision.
  • Voice your satisfaction immediately with individual staff when you see outstanding work, especially the ‘small’ things.
  • When you have a concern with one of your staff, begin the discussion by giving a compliment first.
  • At staff meetings start discussing what went right first. Then you can go into asking for input for improvements, setting goals for the team to focus on, asking for solutions when challenges crop up or whatever pressing topics need to be addressed.
  • Consistently be the example for your ‘Business Face’ to steep your staff in your business culture. After all, you cannot always be in front of every customer so your staff is your voice with your customers.

What is your experience with building staff loyalty?


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Here’s to your success!


The Golden Rule of Customer Loyalty

The Golden Rule of Customer Loyalty

‘Always provide the quality of product the customer expects with the best possible service for every sale.’

crowd_peopleIf your claim to fame is to provide the lowest price, then you provide the lowest price. If your claim to fame is quality then provide the best in the market. Whether all your products are just a few pennies or thousands of dollars, providing top notch service is the standard to gain and keep the loyalty of your customers.

What is customer loyalty? It is the kindness of a consumer to choose to purchase items from your business over and over again. The consumer is looking to fulfill a need or want. The way I see it, there are two main underlying emotions for customers. First is the emotion to purchase items for the best quality for the lowest price. They want the feeling of a great deal which is the joy of shopping. Second is the emotion of self-esteem. ‘I will look great in this!’

It is important for you to know which customer emotion(s) your business is targeting as a goal. Once you identify your goal(s), then everything you do as a business must be directed towards those goal(s). The more clarity you have, the more focussed your marketing can be.

So if you have focussed marketing, customers ought to flood your doors. Right? Wrong! Customers will try your products/services once to see if it meets the hype of your advertising. If they like it, there’s a better chance they’ll come back in the future.

If you want customer loyalty, follow the Golden Rule and go one more step…appreciate your customers and consistently let them know it.

Customer loyalty means a consumer will return to your business again and again because they feel they get the best service and product. Price is no longer their only criteria. They are prepared to pay slightly higher prices because the intangibles you offer at your business is worth the price difference. When consumers develop a loyalty to your business they have a sense of security…you will look after their best interests. Having ample loyal paying customers returning over and over again keeps you in business.

What would your business look like if you could consistently let your customers know you appreciate them?

Having a host of paying customers returning over and over again is what Plenty FULL Services helps you do consistently. If you want to find out more, take some time and visit plentyfullservices.com or if you want to know if we are a match for your business call us! If the line is busy please leave a message with a good time to call you back.

May your doors be flooded with Loyal Customers!


and by the way in case I have not told my loyal customers…


Here’s to YOUR Success!


Keeping Customers Coming Back Part Two

Keeping Customers Coming Back

Part Two

Introducing customer retention ideas to the 21st century is here. You can keep bringing customers through your door by…Working_computer_Program_IMG_0803

  1. Hire a company to build an app to keep in contact with your customers by sending offers directly to them. The up side is… you own your customer list and can target your messages to your customers. The down side is… it is costly, time consuming and requires constant updating.
  2. Use the services of a customer contact company to send out messages and then set up an in-house system to track the customers who come back to spend with you. The up side is… contacting your customers is automatic and your customer list grows. The down side is… It is time consuming to set up an in-house system to monitor customer activity. As your customer lists builds up, your service fees go up. Also if you choose to leave the service, you are responsible for exporting the list. If exporting is not your thing, another choice is to have a duplicate list at your business which you keep up-to-date on a weekly basis. It does take time so consider this option carefully.
  3. Use the services of a Customer Appreciation Program which make it easy for your customers to take part in your offers. Make sure which program options you want. Some services have a sliding fee… program costs are based on the number of transactions or growing numbers of customers. Ask about reporting capabilities, whether an automated survey is available or mobile friendly options. You may want to know the length of the contract too. The ease of monitoring your results vs the cost of the program in time and money will determine the best value. If you like, add Plenty FULL Services (www.plentyfullservices.com) to your list of vendors.

If you keep doing what you’re presently doing, you will get the same results. Remember, consumers want to be rewarded for spending their money. Savvy marketing not only is critical to keep customers coming through your doors, but critical in saving you time, effort and money. Contacting individual consumers automatically is the wave of the future.

If you had a simple way to bring in more customers regularly, what would you change in your business?

Until next time…


Keeping Today’s Customers …

Tomorrow, Next Month and Next Year

Blanket print advertising has been a traditional mainstay of marketing but in today’s electronic world it is losing ground. Customers are mobile; they want instant results. Few are willing to find an offer in a paper, cut it out and bring it in. There are several permanent problems with coupons in the paper. First of all, the customer has to receive the paper. Next, this form of marketing encourages consumers to wait for the best price; they may or may not consider quality or service. Plus, the business has to plan well in advance to meet deadlines and have the right offer for the right season. Then a manual, time-consuming tracking system has to be in place to crunch the numbers quickly to see the effectiveness of the marketing campaign. Once the campaign is in place, it is permanent. It can’t be easily tweaked to suit subtle market changes. It can be very costly for the results it generates.


Blanket radio advertising is much more current. Continue reading

Love or Chocolate

 Happy New Year…

I wish for you that 2014 has started off with a bang… bump or a flip? Something!


For some people I know when they read this quote, they tell me they are one and the same! Are you one of crowd that feels this way?

“All you need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt”. —Charles M. Schulz

Coming from a Chef’s background I would tend to agree with Mr. Schulz and the crowd. Continue reading

Prevention is Better Than Apologizing

Have you ever promised a customer that you can deliver a product and then discovered it is no longer available? Getting back right away, apologizing and suggesting alternative sources is good customer relations which pays back in the long run; but, what if this is a recurring problem? Finding the root cause of the problem is crucial. Some causes may include overextending yourself or your staff. Perhaps it is difficult to delegate projects out to your team. It may simply be miscalculating the amount of time projects require or maybe communicating with your customers takes more hours than you have in a day.

If the problem occurs repeatedly, your business creditability comes into question. Having the reputation of being slow or producing unreliable results turns customers away. Continue reading

The ROI of Your Marketing is Crucial

I was reading Ben Tepfer’s Business to Community blog about targeting what your customers want. He has some very valid points. In a nutshell, he’s saying business people who directly market with their customers have to target what their customers want. The ROI on their marketing will show how well they are delivering what their customers want. The subliminal message is the marketer has to have a system in place to tell them what the return is for their marketing efforts.

FACE_TEXT_PEOPLEBen’s blog cites a report by Forbes Insights and Turn. Although less than half (45%) of the survey respondents rated redemption of promotions or discount codes as a strong influence on their engagement, 85% of consumers said they searched for promotions or discount codes for things they wanted. Continue reading