One Step Forward; Three Steps Back

When was the last time you felt for every step your business took forward there seemed to be a slew of steps going backwards? Well, that has been happening with our new website. But there is OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAlight at the end of the tunnel. I just received an email from Rhonda Byrne who is associated with ‘The Secret’. Her tip of the day was ‘change your thoughts from complaining to good thinking’.

I’ve decided to make lemonade! The setbacks we’ve had in completing our website is a wonderful chance to make improvements. The delays are simply pauses to rethink, reorganize and re-evaluate how we can deliver the best of the best for you. I think you will be delighted with our new ideas.

Our plans include a lot more giveaway tips, help resources and business solutions. I’m looking at the PFS blog as a way to really listen to your challenges so please frequent the comment box. Although my years in the hospitality industry certainly have given me a lot of insights into what does work, things are changing at a very fast pace. It is important to listen to business people such as yourself. I believe in staying in touch with current business trends and challenges through such organizations as the Alberta Chamber of Commerce (ACC). Currently I serve on the Policy Committee for the ACC and at the local branch as a chair for Bylaws. This keeps me in the loop of local and provincial business trends. How do you get your information on business trends?

My suggestion for ramping up your business today is…get a breath of fresh air…literally. Step outside your business establishment for five to 15 minutes. Walk around; breathe in deeply; clear your mind of all the things you need to do or all the fires you need to put out. Just notice the clouds in the sky; the feel of the breeze; the sounds in your neighbourhood. It’s the pause that refreshes and refuels. May the clarity be with you!

Have a GREAT Day!


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