Your Gift Shop Gets


LOYAL CUSTOMERS gifting you Sales over and over Every day.

With your great service and quality products, Plenty FULL Services (PFS) is about ‘Keeping Your Till FULL’ by…

  • A flat monthly fee so program expenses will never ever escalate with increased sales or transactions.

  • Automatic emailed surveys after your customers visit keep you informed so you can quickly make adjustments.

  • You own your database so you can directly market to your customers anytime as often as you want. Ownership lets you collect stats on your database so you can closely monitor your results. You have the option of selling your database with your gift shop for added value or taking it with you.

  • No long term contract means you can say adios and walk away with your database at any time.

  • Your brand is always promoted. You choose a name for the program to make it yours. PFS works in the background.

  • Loyalty points and rewards are branded to your gift shop. Customers always come back to your business to get points to earn rewards. No more giving out points to see your customers use them elsewhere.

  • There’s no software for you to learn. Click on icons and links to navigate in your private, secure online-dashboard (back office).

  • There’s no data to tabulate. Save hours of dreary paperwork! Multiple reports are available round the clock including: Visits by Customers, Revenue Since Start of Program, New Members, Promotions Redeemed, Survey Feedback/Staff Rating, Active Promotions, Promotions in the Last 30 Days Sent/Clicked/Used, and Transaction Reports by Customer, Date or Amount.

  • The program takes care of sending personalized emails and text messages eliminating the grunt work so you can be the idea person. Re-purpose your ideas so you can use them over and over again. 100% compliance with the new Canadian Anti-spam legislation gives you peace of mind.

  • Rewards and points are automatically looked after by the program to keep it simple and convenient for you; they draw your customers back to your gift shop repeatedly.

  • All your offers and promotions are barcoded so you can easily find out what works best for your gift shop at the touch of a mouse. You may choose from a list of offers or create one(s) for a special occasion.

  • A built-in referral system makes finding new customers super-easy without any extra marketing costs.

  • All software updates are automatic and FREE. You’ll always have the latest program without any extra expenses.

  • Instead of putting all your time and money into finding new customers, PFS supports you in investing in your existing customers. Industry has proven this gives the best returns for your marketing dollars.

  • Crowds of shoppers will buy from you and give tonnes of referrals, guaranteed!

  • You’ll have major savings of time, money and effort so you can focus on other important things or have some well-deserved R&R.

  • Your customers know you value them.

  • You have multiple ways to check a customer’s account in your online backoffice… search by name, phone number, email or address.

  • Both live and online support is available.

Your Customer Gets

  • There is no fee for a customer to sign up to the program.

  • A customer can start to use the program right away.

  • Points for every purchase. Most businesses choose one point per dollar. Getting points as well as offers entices customers to come back sooner rather than wait for ‘the discount’.

  • For the reward level you determine, a customer automatically gets a reward certificate which you have chosen. There is no complicated redeeming procedure or further requirements to receive it. The program automatically sends it out.

  • Reward certificates can have time limits to encourage the customer’s quick return. You have the option to honour an expired reward.

  • There is no limit to the number of points customers can accumulate so they can get multiple rewards in a year. This excites and ignites return visits. The more points they gather, the more dollars are spent in your gift shop.

  • A customer can sign up to the program in multiple ways: use their cell phone with a text messaging plan, at home on their computer or manually fill out a simple paper registration form.

  • A customer will receive automatic promotions for special events such as birthdays, half-birthdays, anniversaries or other special occasions.

  • If a customer does not visit within 90 days, they receive a friendly reminder with an offer to come visit.

  • After a predetermined number of purchases, a customer receives an emailed survey for expressing their beefs or bouquets. Giving extra points for filling out the four question survey is a great way to encourage participation.

  • A customer receives notices of money saving events/offers and special announcements

  • A customer can securely check their account or update their information online at any time, saving your valuable time

  • Option: A customer can receive a regular ezine to inform them what is happening at your gift shop, be entertained with built-in trivia notes (Ready Now articles already written for you) and receive an offer if you wish to include one. The ezine is sent out automatically every month for you plus there is support for creating it. A whole year’s worth can be set up at one time in a few minutes.

It’s all about distinguishing your gift shop from the competition. Plenty FULL Services for ultimately “Keeping YOUR till FULL!”

What Your Gift Shop has to have to Run the Program…

  • Internet connection
  • A computer that is connected (some POS machines have this built in)
          • so your staff can enter transactions in order for the program to track results.
        • so customers can sign-up to the program
        • so the barcode-scanner can speed up the data-entering process. A scanner averages $40-$60.
  • A credit card for your business
  • A plan to get the word out to your customers… ie table tent cards, social media, text messages
  • an hour of training time for you and your managers
  • 15 minutes of training time for your staff
  • Willing Staff to promote the program. Creating an incentive for them will add to the excitement for them and your customers.

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