Your Gold Mine

“During my ‘chef career’ there were some customers who were my worst nightmares; but, fortunately they were outnumbered by many wonderful customers who were like gold and became kind friends. Unfortunately, the worst ones took up a lot of my time and often were costly in terms of product and staff. Being diplomatic with them has left permanent scars on my tongue from biting back tempting comments!

Happy_Women_MedThe customers I appreciated the most, generously talked to their friends about their enjoyable dining experiences and gave me many compliments. It was and still is very satisfying. I would like to see you have that same satisfaction and more.”

Returning Customers are Your Gold Mine

From my own experience I know it takes a lot of work and resources to let the general public know where your business is located and what you offer. You advertise in the papers, on the radio and in glossy printed materials (Shot-gun Advertising) with the hope people will come in, enjoy your service and then tell their friends. You continually spend more money for advertising to attract new customers. It is a lot of work that seems to never end both dollar and time wise.

Plenty FULL Services drastically reduces costly ‘Shot-gun Advertising’ while maximizing your efforts…

Through your database, we make it simple to personally communicate regularly with your customers.

We eliminate the long hours of manually sending out email to all your customers and keeping your database up-to-date.

Plenty FULL Services program’s repeated laser-focused contacting helps you build trust with your customers, a friendship connection which…

  • Guarantees the e-mails and text messages you send to your customers are opened because they look forward to what you have to say and offer. They enjoy shopping at your business.
  • Requires less work by you. You write; we send, collect the data and make reporting rocket-fast.
  • Provides a powerful incentive for customers to spend at your business. Valuable Offers = Repeat Visits. Valuable Points = Repeat Visits. Repeat Visits = More Points. More Points = Rewards Sooner. Repeat Visits = More Sales. More Sales = Goldmine!
  • Gives your customers many reasons to tell their friends about your business which is FREE advertising for you.

Plenty FULL Services provides the map to your ‘goldmine’ so your customers return over and over to fill your till. There’s no more ‘mud thrown at the wall hoping it will stick’. This program saves you time, money and work so you can actually relax. It puts Word-of-Mouth Advertising on steroids so new customers become new members.

Did we mentioned there is no fee for the points?

Did you know in today’s competitive world, the businesses that thrive are the ones who stay in contact with their customers on a regular basis? The difference can be thousands of dollars.
Did you know with Plenty FULL Services you also have mail-outs as a communication option?

It’s all about distinguishing you from the competition.

Plenty FULL Services keeps YOUR till FULL!

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