Spreading Sales Throughout the Day

Are there times…when your business is too slow?


Do those slow times…create all sorts of scheduling headaches?

“For me, absolutely nothing was more discouraging…

than having only a few people sitting in the restaurant. I still had to have wait staff but they weren’t kept busy enough. I had more hassle with broken dishes and orders delivered cold when my wait staff were bored than when they were busy. Busyness kept them alert. Although it took a lot of work, sales reports were a necessary time-consumer because I used their history to ‘guesstimate’ more closely what the sales traffic would be for each day of each month. Seasons like Christmas were not the problem. It was the slow times. There was always the pressure of finding ways to fill the seats. Closing early saved on wages but had a major downside. Customers who arrived late and found the doors closed got confused or worse…irritated…so they looked elsewhere. Some never came back.”


Are there fewer cars…in the parking lot making people think you are closing or not quite ready to open yet?

Are management issues…frustrating you? Staffing issues? Overhead issues? Product ordering issues…and on and on?

Plenty FULL Services is the Solution to keep your till FULL with…

  • Consistent communication with customers on a monthly basis made simple. Offering special promotions for certain days or times of the day, you can direct customers to you at the times you most want. The result…more sales. Your customers see your offers as a valuable bonus in addition to the points they can earn. The result is they choose to come back more often. Unlike coupons or blanket discounts, your special offers are drawing in your customers regularly and enticing them to spend more…at the time of day and day of the week you want increased business. It makes your business operation more stable; it’s more predictable so you can plan with more confidence. Coupons and blanket discounts only train customers to stay away until the next coupon deal.

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  • Personal communication engages your customers. Personalized e- mail and text messaging always subconsciously makes your customers feel valued. It says you know and appreciate them. They are not just a number. Building up trust creates even stronger ‘Good-will’ for your business which translates into repeat sales and referrals.

‘Good-will’ and the Plenty FULL Services program is a value-added advantage for your business should you ever decide to sell.

Did you know you also have the option of sending out a special printed mailout such as Christmas greetings or a business anniversary announcement?

Did you know Plenty FULL Services works in the background so your branding and logo is front and centre? You give the program a name such as ‘Your Business Name’ VIP Rewards.You get to direct where your business ship is sailing. You’re not at the mercy of the winds of traditional promotion programs.

It’s all about distinguishing you from the competition. Plenty FULL Services keeps YOUR till FULL!

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