Points and Bar Codes Drive Your Business!

  • Points attract customers because they like the rewards. When they buy from you they get the points and you get the sales. It’s a win win.

  • Bar codes collect statistics so you can measure the health of your business, make adjustments and set a course for putting your business dreams into action.

  • Plenty FULL Services directs business to your business to eliminate a lot of your frustrations and worries.


Placing an advertisement in the paper or the radio is a common practice. It’s called Shotgun Marketing.

It lacks focus and power.

Plenty FULL Services is Targeted Marketing… laser-focused and systematically powered. It is precision advertising. Your business consistently sends out branded personalized messages customized for your unique needs. This type of advertising focus reinforces the plans you have for your business, the direction you want to go, and the results you are seeking. The trust it builds between you and your customers is priceless.

Plenty FULL Services is designed to help businesses get the best return for their marketing dollar so they can weather economic changes with ease. Cutbacks of qualified staff can be reduced or eliminated and there is less stress for management staff.

Did you know there are no fees for the points you give your customers?

It’s all about distinguishing you from the competition. Plenty FULL Services keeps YOUR till FULL!

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