Here are answers to commonly asked questions about the Plenty FULL Services (PFS) program. Click on any of the questions below; the answer will appear below the question.

What is the PFS Program?

Our program is an easy-to-use, automated, online points system with a twist…it attracts customers specifically to your business. It gets you all the customers you want. To find out more visit this page


How much does the Program Cost?

It is a flat monthly rate. There also are add-on services available with competitive pricing, creating extra value and convenience for you.


How long is the contract term?

There are no long term contracts. We know you’ll like our program and will want to keep it working for you. If you have no data base, it takes approximately 3-6 months to build one to see the really big results you want. If you already have a large data base, expect to see results as soon as your customers begin to learn the value you are offering. Remember, it is very important for your staff to understand the program so they can fully promote it.


Is there any special equipment to purchase?

No and Yes! All you need is a connection to the Internet… that can be through your existing POS equipment, Internet connection via a laptop which your staff have access to. The Internet gives you access to the program so the points your customers earn and the promotions they take part in can be recorded.

To make the program runs smoother, we recommend purchasing a bar code scanner. This scans the barcodes on your offers your customers bring in, saving your staff time and reducing errors from manual inputting.

You also have the option of providing high quality Customer Plastic cards with your logo and information printed on them for added advertising power.


Do I need membership cards?

No. All you need is a connection to the Internet. Our program searches by name, phone number or address.  If you want membership cards, just let us know.


Can I use magnetic strip membership cards?

No. The program is designed for barcoded offers which are processed through an Internet connection to keep your costs down.


Is there any special software needed to use the program?

No. This is an online program. PFS looks after all the online software programing; you have a lifetime of free upgrades which automatically happen as the program expands. It does not matter how you connect to the Internet; we support all the major browsers.


How do I cancel my membership in the program?

In most cases, 30 days notice is all that is required plus 60 days to give you time to notify your existing customers of the change, so they can bring in their outstanding offers.


Can my customers check their own accounts?

Yes! Customers have a special link that appears on your existing website so they can check their own accounts and update their information.


How do I check my program activities?

We provide you with your own Internet link to your account which lets you view your dashboard. Connect to the Internet and sign in through the link to view all your business program activities. Using the browser of your choice, bookmark your sign-in page for quick access to the program.


What would happen with my data base if I choose to leave?

You own your data.

Plenty FULL Services would provide your data to you as quickly as possible to phase out the program.


If I already have a scanner would I have to buy another one or can I use my present one?

That depends. Assuming it is a USB scanner, the odds are good that your existing scanner would work. Plug it into your computer and see if it will scan from one of the sample promotions into an active transaction screen within the system. Please refer to the technical sheet for specifics about scanners.


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