Texting Demo

Seeing is understanding! You can experince a demo of a customer signing up to your program. Your program is branded just like we did in our test program for Tony’s Bar & Grill. (NOTE: Tony’s Bar & Grill in Bashaw does not exist. Any information captured is transferred to Plenty FULL Services after 14 days, so you can see how the text messaging works. (We don’t like spam either so we never sell, rent or give away your information period.)


This demo will show you how quickly your customers can sign up to your program

Pretend you are a new customer for Tony’s Bar & Grill. Put in some fake info such as birthday and anniversary dates within the next 14 days and a ‘virtual’ spouse. Then have fun receiving offers from Tony for the next two weeks. At the end of the demo, all your contact information will be transferred to Plenty FULL Services.  You will be added to our information email list which you can always unsubscribe yourself from at anytime.

Text Demo

text the word


to 780-800-6798

Follow the prompts you get text to your phone.


To experience more offers:

    1. To see a birthday offer use a date that will happen within 2 days.
    2. To see an anniversary offer type in a a date that will happen within 5 days.
    3.  A ‘virtual’ spouse. Then have fun receiving offers from Tony for the next two weeks.
    4. Adding an email will create emails set to you from Tony’s Bar & Grill also

Sit back and read the text messages that will be sent to you over the next 14 days and follow the prompts.

Did you know you can also have the text messages emailed to you instead of being sent by text message?
HOW: After you send your join text message and get the reply back “click by email” that will change it from text messaging to email. You’ll then be asked to enter an email for the messages to be sent too.

If you’d like to build a data base for your businesses this easily contact us.