PFS Advantages

Top 10 Plenty FULL Services Advantages

  1. Reinforces your business identity...You give the program a ‘catchy’ name which highlights your business. Every communication is branded with your logo and delivered right to your customers’ computer and/or cell phone. It is direct communication for customer convenience. It gets more attention. You can chat with your customers as much as you want by email plus have the option of text messaging.CGA_Main_Street_25

2. Your customers visit more often and spend more money…because they can gather points quickly to redeem rewards faster; it’s more fun! Remember the points are free.



3. Monitor your customer service more easily...customer surveys provide priceless information about your service, quality of product and atmosphere. You now can respond to potential ‘fires’ almost instantly as well as promote great customer compliments. A survey is emailed after each purchase. All feedback is real time.happy_face_smile_button_400_clr_9149Tonys_B&G_Surveysmiley_face_sad_button_400_clr_9151


4. Saves your business time and money...the automation of the program through an easy-to-understand online backoffice makes it simple to send out offers and promotions that can target your specific business needs such as increasing sales during slow PFS Dashboard Icons


5. Business thermometer…the backoffice provides real time reports on the health of your business 24/7/365. This supports your business decisions and projections, quickly identifies the type of rewards customers like best, clearly pictures what time offers are used the most, how much customers spend and can even show which customers are your big spenders. Through management analysis, the program can identify the amount of inventory required at different times of the month or year and slow times to help with some decisions regarding staffing.cartoon_thermometer_100


6. Customizable offers...your business can choose or customize offers which meet your specific needs and set you ahead of your competition. Therefore you stand out to your customers.Tonys_B&G_halfBirthday


7. Easy implementation and managing…customers can sign up to your program any time using the Internet or their cell phone; your customers can check and update their accounts 24/7 so you don’t have to spend time on account set-up or maintenance.Young_textersTonys B&G_customer_page


8. Temptation…receiving extra points by bringing friends along to shop/purchase/dine is an awesome enticement for your customers which generates more sales and increases your average sale amount.Happy_Women_Med


9. FULLy automated for greater customer enjoyment…Since all communication is personalized with first names, your customers are more than just a number. Receiving offers for their birthdays and anniversaries gives each of your customers a greater sense of being appreciated; statistics show customers spend more when they receive a personal offer/certificate. The program is FULLy automated so you don’t have to remember special days or implement rewards. It’s all done for you.happy_birthday_cake_with_candles-800x600Tonys_B&G_peronalized


10. High security…PFS has the same Internet security levels as banking institutions. It is monitored 24/7. Secure, accurate business information is always at your fingertips.


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