Circle, Squiggle, Triangle and Square Customers Part II

In my blog, ‘Loyalty is a Circle, Squiggle, Triangle or Square’, I briefly explained the personality types from a shopper’s perspective. Personality types also can be used for more effective communication and relationship building in other areas of a business’ life.


Visit for an explanation of personality shapes assessment.

For marketing purposes, the four personality types can be reduced to two groups: the ‘Circles and Squiggles’ or the ‘Triangles and Squares’.

Thinking outside the box

To discover a shopper’s predominate personality, ask them,

“May I help you? Is there something you are specifically looking for?”

If they are just ‘looking’, make a pleasant reply and let them wander.

If they have a specific product in mind, ask them

“Would you prefer to hear what others or the staff like about it or are you more interested in its features?”

If they want to hear what others are saying, this customer is part of the ‘Circles and Squiggles’ group. While visiting with them, relate a short story about another person’s experience with the product. After telling the story, ask “Have I answered your questions?” Keep telling short stories until all their questions are answered.

Those who just want the features belong to the ‘Triangles and Squares’ group. List off the features and their importance. If appropriate, inquire if they would like a demonstration. Ask if they have any questions. Relate the facts. Be up front if you don’t have the answer. Tell them you can get assistance if they don’t mind waiting. If they can’t wait, it would be great if you could give them your store email address to inquire about the product at their convenience. In the mean time you will research the answer. Inquire if you can help them with something else.

By responding to their personality type instead of promoting from your personality type, you can raise the shopper’s emotional experience. Shoppers return more often to businesses which give them the best emotional rewards.

Family at the shopping center

Remember to always thank each customer for visiting the store.

In what other ways can you use personality types to market to your customers?

May the ‘Circles and Squiggles’ and the ‘Triangles and Squares’ be with you!


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