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Happy Easter to all my readers, customers and anyone who lands on this page:



Modern Customs for Easter Eggs

Although the Easter Egg tradition is to use dyed or painted chicken eggs, the modern custom is to use chocolate eggs, or plastic eggs filled with candies such as jelly beans. These eggs usually are hidden for children to find on Easter morning, which may be left by the Easter Bunny known by some as ‘Peter Rabbit’. These chocolate eggs may also be put in a basket filled with real or artificial straw to resemble a bird’s nest.


Just one of the many “Ready Now Articles” we have created for our customers to use in their newsletters to help them maintain contact with their customers.

Here’s to Your Success!


Season Greetings

At Plenty Full Services we have enjoyed making a match for your personalized customer satisfaction program to keep your customers engaged with your business.

Wishing you a…



And may 2016 bring you all the customers you need.

2016 Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

We are here to help keep on bringing them back… throughout the Year.

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Customer Loyalty Programs Don’t Work: Part Two

(Remember to charge the battery!)


What happens to your cell phone, laptop, iPad or other electronic devices when the battery is dead? Not Much! Like your device, a Customer Loyalty program needs to be charged too.

You can have the best Customer Loyalty program out there but if you don’t know how to best use it, how powerful is it? In the beginning, there are two things to keep in mind.

  1. You have to be clear about the results you want your loyalty program to create. What are your goals?
  2. Create a checklist of what to look for in a program. It is critical that it fits your business. When you decide a loyalty program is the future for your business, learn how to use it and run full out with it.

A loyalty program does nothing until you take the actions to implement it (charging its battery).


  • Invite people to enter their contact information into the program’s database so you can keep in touch with them.
  • Decide what incentives you will give to your customers and how often? The incentives have to be something your customers value; it must answer their W.I.I.F.M. (what’s in it for me) question.
  • Train your staff to actively promote the program. Face-to-face invitations get the best results. Your program needs to be promoted as an advantage to your customers…to show that you care about them…you appreciate them…because customers are your bread and butter.
  • Provide incentives for your staff to promote your new loyalty program. They have W.I.I.F.M. questions too. Most of them will be dealing directly with your customers; you want your best image put forward. Make it fun for everyone.
  • Most importantly, devote time every day/week in the beginning to become familiar with how to operate your program. It will save you time and eliminate frustration.

Click here at for a checklist of what to look for in a loyalty program. PlentyFULLServices is designed for business owners who want a flood of customers coming through their doors and a simple, effective way to extend customer satisfaction.

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Circle, Squiggle, Triangle and Square Customers Part II

In my blog, ‘Loyalty is a Circle, Squiggle, Triangle or Square’, I briefly explained the personality types from a shopper’s perspective. Personality types also can be used for more effective communication and relationship building in other areas of a business’ life.


Visit for an explanation of personality shapes assessment.

For marketing purposes, the four personality types can be reduced to two groups: the ‘Circles and Squiggles’ or the ‘Triangles and Squares’. Continue reading

Loyalty is a Circle, Squiggle, Triangle or Square

The Way to Build Customer Relationships Part One.

Customers are tired of Loyalty Points programs that make it too difficult to use, too confusing to understand or take too long to earn a reward. Also, they want rewards that have enough value to make it worthwhile to participate.
But rewards alone will not keep a customer loyal. Loyalty programs are about relationships…the communication connection between the customer and the staff or management personnel. Continue reading

Tankful of Hot Water

It’s been a long time since I had to have cold showers but this past summer it was not by choice. My wife even partook in one or two much to her disgust. But back to the beginningin the spring time.First Sign of Spring

Just after we had an enjoyable weekend with company, we noticed our house had no hot water. We were thankful we hadn’t run out while our company was here. But after a day and the tank hadn’t recovered, we started to investigate.

A couple of years back we had installed a new high-efficiency gas hot water tank. As with all new equipment it came with a plethora of paperwork. Fortunately I keep all the warranty materials in one box and write the purchase date on the front page. Thankfully I found the instructions for the tank―unfortunately most of the warranty was expired―it has been more than the two years I thought.

After a coffee and reading the manual, I checked the tankyellow lights were on. The booklet explained how to reset the tank. It was simple. Everything fired up and we had hot water in an hour or so.

Things went fine for a day or two then one morning I noticed the water was getting cool. When I went downstairs to check the tank, those pesky yellow lights were on again. Once more I got things started but by evening my wife was mentioning the water seemed to be cool. Downstairs again and you guessed ityellow lights. I reset the tank once more. We kept doing this for about a month sometimes having to reset the tank half-an-hour apart.

When I finally had enough and called the gas company, they informed me they had run a special cleaning chemical through their lines. It sometimes fooled the sensors in the newer hot water tanks indicating there was low gas pressure. The gas company recommended we wait a month. If we were still having problems then call back.

Well by now I had shown my wife how to reset the tank which she reluctantly learned as she is not mechanically inclined. The month went by with each of us taking turns to check and reset the tank. Some mornings were frustrating because neither one of us checked the night before. We learned to shower like we were in a holiday trailer.

The problem didn’t go away. Further discussions with the gas company did not solve the problem either. But one of our sons is a plumber/gas fitter so we called him. He thought it could be a build up of lime or calcium in the water that was causing the problem with the sensor. He gave me instructions over the phone and told me to look for them in the warranty booklet. That was not the problem. Talking more with my son, it now looks like a part will have to be ordered and replaced. Did I mention we live in a small rural town which has no plumbers, gas fitters or electricians? The closest one is 80 km.

The summer has now passed into fall and we are very grateful we only have to check the hot water tank once or twice a week. Most mornings there’s lots of hot water. The moral of the story…no matter what issues you have in your day be thankful you have a tankful of hot water.

Keep smiling,