10 Top Tips to Keep Your Customers Coming Back

Part two

If you have not read part one you can Read it here…


6. Know what niche market you serve. Put yourself into the shoes of your customer so you can tailor your products and service to provide a solution to your customers’ wants and needs. Customers buy on an emotional decision. Anticipating their desires gives them a feeling of specialness. They’ll see your business providing extraordinary service.

7. Make your system simple. If customers can’t navigate quickly to what they want, they’ll walk out frustrated and angry. Look to have…

a. Clear signage

b. Obvious pathways.

c. Appropriate illumination.

d. A sense of openness or intimacy to reflect the of your business.

e. Prompt host/hostess, if in the hospitality industry.

8. Be ready to apologize. Offer to remedy the situation quickly but be supportive of your staff too. Learn to use this phrase…“It’s so not like our staff, but I’ll immediately…

9. Develop or secure the services of a rewards system to build great customer relations. Have a system that:

a) Can be set up to communicate with your customers regularly.

b) Provides first-rate value in your customers’ minds and encourages shopping.

c) Is simple for you and your customers to use.

d) Provides details in numeric and graph formats so you can ‘see’ at a glance what your customers like, how often they visit and more.

e) Has a survey option get immediate customer feedback.

f) Has a built-in referral system to expand your customer base.


10. Whenever you go shopping, make note of what you like or don’t like about your experience. Then ask yourself…how can I improve my business?


What new action will you make today to keep more customers coming back?

May your customers even be more excited to shop with you!


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